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It is a pleasure to work with a concern which not only understands and accomodates customer requests, but also adds value to them through inventing applications and ideas.

--- Indranil Ray.
West Bengal, INDIA.

This was a much larger project than I had envisaged, but I am very happy with the result and it was not a time-sensitive project. Meticulous Technologies were unfailingly courteous and helpful.

--- Stanford Harrison.
Fisher, Australia.

One of the best company you could work with. I actually left more than required as gratitude for the excellent job

--- buubuujak.
BROOKLYN, United States.

They were an extreme pleasure to work with. They are prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them for anyone's job. A+ work!

--- Thomas Kang.
Seoul, Korea.

Very good Company! Got the job done!

--- Aoub Benkacem.
United Kingdom.

Meticulous Technologies Solutions has completed the project successfully. In addition, Meticulous Technologies Solutions has shown flexibility and patience whenever needed. I highly recommend. Thank you

--- LOR Vila.
Price: $140 USD / INR 7000
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Ultimate Pharmacy Solution, acronymed as UPS. It is a must required software for Medical Shops. Very light weighted and flexible to run your business fast and smooth. Right now, it is a retailer version and we are going to present the distributor version, very soon.

System Requirement: Windows XP and upper version of Windows operating system with minimum 512 MB of RAM.

It is having the following features:-

1) Insert New Distributor details.

2) Edit/Delete inserted Distributor details.

3) View inserted Distributor details.

4) Insert New Company details.

5) Edit/Delete inserted Company details.

6) View inserted Company details.

7) Insert New Product details.

8) Edit/Delete inserted Product details.

9) View inserted Product details.

10) Insert New Purchase details.

11) Edit/Delete inserted Purchase details.

12) View inserted Purchase details.

13) Create and Print new Bill with stock quantity and per piece sale price and available stock quantity display at the time of typing product name.

14) Edit/Delete already generated bills.

15) View already generated Bill details.

16) View Stock.

17) Show the products which are going to be expired by scrolling all the product names. You can hide/show this scrolling by a single click. If you click on this scrolling, it will show a details list of all the going to be expired product names as well as displays the product names in red color those products have already been expired.

18) You can insert/edit/delete tax as well as discount details.

19) You can take a backup of the database at anytime and save the database file to your computer, external hard disc or pen drive. So that, if there will be any hardware failure with your computer, then you can again download the software from our website(completely free of cost) and attach your backup database file to your new/repaired computer.

20) When you will download the software, you will have access to this software using the username:admin and password:admin. However, you can create/edit/delete any number of users for this software with the user type of admin/user.

21) Design your bill header as you want. You will have very easy-to-use designing tools to design your bill header completely as per your choice.

22) Free update for next 1 year from the purchase date, if there will be any update available.

  • How much it costs?
    Ans:- $140 USD
  • How can I get support from you, if I will require it, after purchasing this software?
    Ans:- For technical query and/or support, you can always send us an email, to: Or can contact our online chat support, which is available at the right side of this page. If our chat support executives will be available, at time, you are wanting to talk to us, then they will more than happy to serve you; and if our chat support executives are offline, then you can send us a message filled with your query, by clicking the "Leave a message" link with the online chat support.
  • Is it required to download the trial before I purchase it Or I can directly purchase it withour the trial?
    Ans:- It is completely up to you though it is always better to use the trial version before you purchase a software product. You can dircetly purchase it or can download and use its trial version and then take decision regarding the purchase of it and purchase it.
  • How can I download the trial?
    Ans:- By clicking the "Download Trial" button.
  • How long I can use the trial version?
    Ans:- The trial version works for 30 days, from the day of downloading it.
  • Can I get my money back if I will not be satisfied with the purchased version?
    Ans:- No. Since we are providing 30 days trial version. This is why we are requesting you to download the trial version first and use it. Then if you will be fully satisfied with this, then only proceed to purchase it.
  • The trial version has all the fucntionality as same as the purchased version?
    Ans:- Almost all, except the bill generation.
  • After using the trial version, if I will decide to purchase it, then my database of the trial version will be lost?
    Ans:- No. After purchasing, you need to register your product by clicking the "Register" button, which will then show a registration form. Just fill this form and click the 'Submit' button, then it will instantly give you a license file to download. Now download this file and save it somewhere to your computer. Now, if your trial version has not been expired, then close the software if it is already running. Then when it restarts, with the Login window of it, click the 'Attach License' button and browse the license file you saved. Then it will register and update your trial version to the purchased version, instantly and without disturbing your previous database. And if your trial version has already been expired, then this software will show you a messege regarding this expirition with a new window where you will will see a 'Browse' button to browse your downloaded license, simply browse your downloaded license and it will register your product instantly, without disturbing your old database.
  • License Registration requires Internet connection?
    Ans:- It is NOT compulsory to have the Internet connection to the computer, on which you have installed the software. The obtaining process of the license requires an Internet connection, as currently you can Only get license from our website. But after getting the license, you can carry it with a pen drive or any other similar device and then simply connect this pen drive with the computer where you have installed the software and then browse this license within the software and your software copy will be registered instantly.
  • What happens when I am already having pre-printed paper bills and not wanting to use your bill format?
    Ans:- You can simply send a single copy of your blank paper bill to us by scanning and emailing it to us at: and we will do make the same format with our software and will send you the updated software to your registered email id, you will then install this software and then when you print the bills within the software, it will put only the data to the appropriate positions to your original paper bill, without any bill header or other format.
  • Custom bill format order can be placed for the trial versions?
    Ans:- No. This service is only for the purchased versions.
  • How much the custom bill format order costs?
    Ans:- Zero. We are providing this service completely FREE of cost.
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